A Fusion of East and West, Gurhans Panesar; a rising star at the Meesha Tattoo Studio is so skilled that her shading techniques breathe life into her art.

We call her Guri, with compassion. You can too (if she allows you to) xD Our Guri is generous, loving, down-to-earth & the humblest female tattoo and piercing artist in, Lajpat Nagar, Delhi. She originally belongs to Ludhiana, a state where tattooing as a profession is not looked up to. Gurhans wanted to be the change and stand as the voice of all female tattoo artists who are not as supported to a part of this industry as males are. After years and years of struggle, gurhans has made her mark on this rising industry. Her family, her colleagues & her friends are extremely proud of her for not giving up on her dream and chasing it to the ends of the earth. Gurhans got her first tattoo when she was just 14 & the art of tattooing inspired her so much that she went ahead and started learning it. She always believed that If she could bear the pain of tattooing, she could give it as gently as she could to her clients and make her mark as an amazing female tattoo artist in Lajpat Nagar, Delhi or this world of art. She believes that meaningful tattoos grow a connection between the client and the artist so beware because she likes to make the best of friends out of you when you come and get tattooed by her. Trust us when we state that she’d not only do an amazing work, but she’d also know your story, make you feel safe, comfortable & happy to be with us!

Her delicate graywork, intricate blackwork, and ethereal watercolor designs have garnered her a devoted clientele. Guri’s ability to capture emotions and tell stories through her tattoos has established her as one of the most sought-after female tattoo artist in Lajpat Nagar, Delhi. Her signature style, characterized by dreamlike imagery and fantastical creatures, captures the imagination of all her clients and her ability to create enchanting and thought-provoking designs has made her a beloved artist at Meesha Tattoo Studio by anybody who walks in our doors! Not only are tattoos her forte, but she also excels in any and every kind of piercing services. We absolutely adore her charisma, her integrity, and her ability to make everyone feel safe and loved. If you’d want to witness it too, go through her portfolio, get inspired by her work and book an appointment with our Guri. She wouldn’t disappoint, only uplift and amaze!