The Meesha Tattoo Studio and Academy

Bringing a huge and interesting concept which will make you even more comfortable while you’re getting inked.

Games & Fun Activities

There will be a lot of fun activities as well as games like Ludo, Chess, Jenga, Ps4 etc to choose from while you’re comfortably getting inked!

Good & Happy Atmosphere

We’re open to artists coming up and showing their talents like singing , poetry , drawing etc which allows a good and happy atmosphere at the studio!

Vibe & Friendly Artists

Meesha Tattoo Studio has a great vibe and friendly artists which will definitely leave a mark on you and make you visit the studio again and again.

Pet Friendly Studio

Apart from this, we have a team with huge love for pets! The best thing about our studio is that we’re a pet friendly studio and you can bring your pawsome pets with you whenever you need a paw to hold on to!
We also organize art workshops in which our artists give information about art and tattooing which gives you an opportunity to clear your doubts about our work, art and tattooing skills. We care about your needs!