Our youngest, immensely loved, RITU HATWAL. (a.k.a our riri 🫶)

There are truly no limits to the stories she can tell on flesh. This one is all about her unconventional ink and her daring designs. Once a student of the Meesha Tattoo Academy and now a professional tattoo artist working round the clock to make our clients smile. :’)

The youngest, fierce and fabulous tattoo artist of the Meesha Tattoo who loves turning bodies into breathtaking masterpieces! With a steady hand and a wandering yet cool artistic soul, she wields her tattoo machine like a magic wand, transforming skin into unique works of art that are amazingly loved by her clients. As a young soul, she infuses her designs with empowering symbols of strength and beauty, celebrating womanhood in all its forms. Her wanderlust fuels her art, and she draws inspiration from cultures around the world, blending styles to create something truly one-of-a-kind.

When she’s not inking, you’ll find her at music festivals, dancing under the stars, or exploring hidden gems in the city. Life’s too short not to live it vibrantly and our riri makes our life more vibrant for us! 

When you get inked by this beautiful girl, positivity and laughters sorrounds you. She makes it a beautiful experience for you & us, indeed.