Kritika Khurana (a.k.a kay)

Our very loving, generous, passionate & talented Kritika Khurana (we call her “kay”, with love). You can too. 😉

We consider kay as the kewl-est artist of the Meesha Tattoo Studio (don’t tell others xD) since she is an expert (a beautiful one at that) of Line Art Tattoo in Delhi. As a proud part of the LGBTQ community, Kay’s enigmatic persona, cherubic smile, cool style game & her pure-as-honey heart make every customer entering our studio instantly choose her to be the tattoo artist they’d want to get their dream tattoos from. With an experience of over 6 years, Kay has the wondrous ability to build a special bond with her clients, make them feel safe and comfortable, and deliver beautiful tattoo designs that fit their personality & reflect their thoughts to the T.


Her whole life, she has been wholeheartedly accepted by her entire family, friends and colleagues who are proud of the person she is & kay, while beating all odds that occurred in the way of her career, has persevered & beautifully succeeded! Our kay got inspired by the awe-struck body art philosophy, got her first tattoo when she was just 15 and has not been able to stop since. She now has a total of 34 tattoos on her body & aspires to get her story etched onto her skin by artists all over the world. She has always wanted to transform the foundation of this male dominated tattoo industry & trust us when we state that she is marvelously excelling at it.

As actions speak louder than words, have a look for yourself & book an appointment with our best